The New Way to Progress

With extensive years of experience OT Solutions business consultants are the most reliable and helpful experts in this field. We have helped countless companies all around the world go from being small offices to international corporations known throughout their industries for excellence. We work hard to give our clients the best possible experience!

Who we are

Excellent Business Services

We are business consultants dedicated to helping organizations with risk management and regulatory issues. We also proffer solutions in the areas of business development, technology consulting, and strategic communications for foreign companies operating in India or looking into entering this market.

In India OT Solutions has built an office staffed by professionals who specialize in corporate restructuring as well as business development, providing multidisciplinary solutions to clients facing complex challenges for world-leading businesses or those considering expansion overseas.


Our Approach

The options we offer to help your business grow are deep customization or plug-and-play. Our customized approach will allow you the freedom and flexibility needed for growth while ensuring that all aspects align with your strategy and company culture. For those who want to replicate good practice in the past, there's always our quick start training program where you can learn how things work quickly.


How we do it

We are a business consulting company that helps clients find the best approach for their organizations. We help our clients with planning and designing to make sure they are ready for future challenges, making them agile thinkers who can compete in today’s market.
OT Solutions offer services ranging from Business growth management; Operations transformation and Growth; Transformation Services; Digital Marketing Strategy Development & Execution.
We proffer solutions tailored to each of its customer’s needs so they can always be prepared when faced with a change or challenge. OT Solutions is your go-to for software development.
We work with you from the initial concept stage of designing and developing custom business/software applications that will help elevate your company to a new level, tailored specifically according to industry best practices as well as on what type of organization size or need it pertains to.
With our world-class designs and planning out any potential issues before they even come up, we ensure that every design phase leads into an easy rollout backed by reliable ongoing technical support services s+o no matter the process you are at OT Solutions will be there 24/7!