As a market intelligence company, we know that it can be easy to spend time on activities without seeing significant results if you’re not careful- so we’ll learn together what constitutes “exceptional“ when it comes to marketing efforts!

Market intelligence and research is an important tool for brands to stay competitive with ever-changing market conditions. Market insights come quickly and often without warning, so we must be prepared to act at the moment when they do arrive. To start this exploration of how valuable these tools are for companies’ success, let’s explore exactly what market intelligence consulting entails and why it matters now more than ever before.


OT Solutions Tech provides market intelligence services to help manufacturers, distributors, and retailers of the OT (office technology) industry better understand what customers need and want. We work closely with our clients to expand their knowledge of the buying habits, preferences, and priorities that drive business decisions.

We work on market segmentation, market penetration, market opportunities, and all existing market metrics. Our approach is tailored to meet the specific objectives of each study.

The more we know about our client’s customers and prospects, the better we can help them create value and improve their bottom line. Our information is presented in a variety of formats, including third-party market research reports that present an unbiased perspective on the market.


What Market Intelligence Is

Market intelligence services are the process of gathering, analyzing, and interpreting information on trends in consumers’, competitors’ products to create relevant branding. Companies can be competitive using this research by figuring out what other companies are doing at a specific time or determining how their company stacks up against others. Market Intelligence uses various platforms like social media networks, blogs for feedback from customers that might not have purchased your product yet but may eventually do so if given the opportunity because they find it interesting enough!

What Market Intelligence Isn’t

Market intelligence is a crucial factor in developing and executing an effective marketing strategy. Having the right information at your fingertips can make all of the difference for approaching new endeavors, but it’s important to be thoughtful about what type of data will get you where you want to go. Rock-solid market insights rely on both depth (talking with experts) and breadth (listening closely). For example, surfacing trends or random samples won’t give us any real insight into our clients’ needs if we aren’t listening carefully, nor does using only internet searches tell us anything about their behaviors offline – which are often more telling than online interactions anyway! The term “market intelligence“ is rapidly gaining popularity, but it’s essential to know that many brands are bad at using this data. Most businesses that use analytics for market intelligence make decisions 5x faster than those without access to information. This difference in speed can be the clutch as markets change quickly, and you need a quick response from your company!

Market Intelligence Must-Haves

What are the secrets to success for today’s market intelligence providers? What will make you stand out in due diligence and ensure your goals are met with measurable KPIs. There is no such thing as being over-zealous when it comes to KPI measurement, and they should measure everything from sales revenue down to your Commerce data. With brand strategies only as effective as their underlying data, top brands rely on powerful next-generation AI tools that help them stay informed at every level of operation, ensuring strategic efforts remain consistent throughout the start-to-finish process. Artificial intelligence is a powerful tool for brands to use in their marketing campaigns. It provides them with the information they need and keeps negative sentiment from snowballing into something more disastrous, turning it into an opportunity instead of a problem.

Consumer Experience Intelligence

Consumer Experience Intelligence (CEI) is a way for businesses to understand the many ways in which consumers experience their brand and products. CEI often reveals nuances that may have been missed by traditional customer feedback surveys or analysis, as one person’s opinion doesn’t capture all of the details. For example, you might not know with certainty how your product stacks up against its competition simply from sales data alone; however, if they’re using it more than others, then there could be something worth pursuing further on this front!

Competitor Intelligence

What’s not to like about having the edge over the competition? Knowing more than your competitor can help you make better decisions and stay one step ahead of them. Keeping up with their trends, products, branding, etc., will put you in a position even before they know what’s happening. A thorough understanding of all aspects that may affect your brand (strengths or weaknesses) allows for fine-tuning marketing campaigns and increasing the attention on our product line! Today, social media has made it easier than ever to track the competition. By analyzing your competitors’ data using contextual AI in our news/blogs dataset, you can find out their sentiment and whether they are trending or not. You will know when a competitor missed an opportunity and if they’re experiencing any brand crisis which allows you to make smarter decisions about what move to take next – either swooping in for victory or avoiding pitfalls that might end up costing them momentum with customers looking at other brands who have something more interesting going on right now! You’re probably struggling to find the time for market research and intelligence. That’s understandable, as it can be a lot of work and not always easy to follow through with due diligence. But have you considered how much money your company could save if they had the edge over their competitors? One way is by using competitor intelligence!

Your Trusted Partner

As a result of the increased competition in today’s world, there is an increasing demand for quality market intelligence. Market intelligence isn’t just about information gathering but also understanding and unpacking how to turn that data into actionable insights. Let’s start the conversation today! 


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