Market Modeling Services

Quantify your marketing inputs to improve your sales

If you are a new or existing firm and require a veteran and reputable marketing mix modeling company, OT Solutions can help you.

We offer excellent marketing consultancy for business owners. Our services come in different packages, so you can reach out to us to select which best suits your production niche.
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It is always advisable for new investors or existing ventures to not place the success of their company on luck and employ appropriate market modeling services. This is because experts have more knowledge about market operations, penetration, customer needs, and how to present goods or services to end-users.

Expand Your Business With best Market Modeling Services

Every organization is concerned about increasing the demand for their goods or services, which would simultaneously appreciate their profit revenue. This plan can be possible for every firm; all needed is to have the right team, have a plan, and involve experts when necessary.

Market analysts have reiterated that there are different approaches to determine the effect of demand and supply of quantity on the price of goods or services. It is necessary to assure you that if you require market models consulting firms irrespective of your location around the globe, it is best to get in touch with OT Solutions, as we offer the best services for your business.

Models of Market Modeling

  • +The 7P’s marketing mix model(MMM)
    These P’s are an essential component of an effective marketing plan, and they include Process, Product. Physical, Promotion, Price, and People. This modeling approach is more physical compared to other digital approaches.
  • +Unique Selling Proposition (USP)
    This marketing model involves an organization selling to their customers what makes them different from other competitors in the same niche of production. It simply consists of using your unique point to push your product. If you have issues identifying what makes your company unique compared to other organizations, then reach out to OT Solutions to help you.
  • +Brand positioning map
    This market mix modeling approach involves using customers’ reviews of competitors’ products to create a strategy you will use to penetrate the market. At OT Solutions, we can help you collect and analyze customer reviews as we have effective field agents who are attentive and can easily point out where your competitors lack while you use it to your advantage. Using this approach would be easier to penetrate the market, but depending on your niche of production or service, reach out to OT Solutions today and get more relevant information on how this model works.
  • +Customer lifetime value
    This is a digital market model approach; it involves using customer’s worth to assess future revenue. This is quite different from brand positioning because it deals with more calculations. Some organizations find it challenging to analyze the relationship between client and product, so you need us to help you do the math work. Currently, we are offering a massive discount for early customers. Do not miss out on this opportunity.
  • +Growth strategy Matrix
    This can also be referred to as the Ansoff model; it involves analyzing the growth of a product or service in the market currently to determine its future performance. The strategies used in this model include diversification, market penetration, product development, and market development. You can reach out to OT Solutions to get more information about this model. Enjoy huge discounts using this strategy with OT Solutions today.
  • +Loyalty Ladder Model
    This model explains the steps a customer takes before becoming loyal to your brand. The stages of this strategy involve advocate, prospect, support, customer, and client. Customers are only loyal to products or services that are cheap and suit their specific needs. Why don’t you contact OT Solutions to help you gain your customer’s loyalty? Among other media mix modeling companies, we are regarded as the best because we are the customer center and can help you retrieve appropriate information on what your customers think about your product while also recommending strategies to maximize your profit.


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